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Building Relationships for a Successful Outcome

Nov 10, 2022

How can ICW help? ICW educates inventors on the right questions to ask their patent attorney and empowers them to take charge of their business as the CEO of your company. You are the client, inventor, and in charge of your product and the intellectual property, not the invention company. Hiring an attorney directly is always going to be the best way to ensure your rights. ICW will guide you to the right answers on the intellectual property led by our team of professionals. ICW will always make sure you are getting the right intellectual property to bring your company the most valuable assets. 

Taking an idea to the marketplace can be a very long, lonely, and overwhelming process. There is no way to do it perfectly but it is even more difficult to do alone. It will never be an easy journey and there will be many roadblocks. 

Kathy had been an ICW member for about a year. She had taken her idea from the early stages of product development to filing for intellectual property and then got it ready to take it to manufacture. She had found a manufacturing company in the United States and she was very excited about working with them. She raised the capital and secured other funding to get the process started. She had toured the factory via facetime and felt solid in her decision to move forward. In the meantime, there had been many delays with the factory in general. She started to get worried about her decision. Kathy spoke to another inventor at one of the ICW meetings that had been in a similar situation. The inventor told her about another manufacturing company that she found on Alibaba. It is basically Amazon for manufacturing. It was located in China but she had a patent in China that was filed with her attorney so she was not worried about her idea being stolen at the factory and she was able to meet her team that would be working on the project. She met them via zoom, and they introduced themselves and spoke English. The best part of the situation was that it cost less than ⅓ of what it would have cost here in the United States. She wanted more than anything to manufacture here in the United States but as an independent inventor, it was nearly impossible for her financially. Kathy took the advice of the other ICW member and was not only able to manufacture the product but she was able to produce a higher quality product than what she would have had from her factory here in the United States. Eventually, she would like to move to manufacture back to the United States but for now, this is the best option for her. 

ICW offers a road map for the startup process and journey as an inventor taking a product from the idea stage to market. ICW is a community where inventors, founders, and innovators can lean on and learn from each other because sometimes the person that knows the most is someone going through the same process.