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Igniting The Flame For Female Inventors

Jun 15, 2022
Female Inventor

As inventors, we innovate because we are trying to find a better way to do something. Women invent because they are trying to improve life for their families and the world around them. We are multitaskers who care for our home and family while working to contribute to the household income. Through ingenuity, women find improved ways of doing things that will not only keep their families safe but also improve their environment and make life better for their loved ones. This isn't hyperbole, this is an observation we have made over the years working with female inventors. 


Aimee is a female inventor and ICW member from Colorado. She created a device that is attachable to a bike helmet with a separate housing unit that attaches to the bicycle. If the child is not wearing the helmet the device will ring like a seatbelt alarm in a car. She created this device after her daughter was in a bike accident and the first thing she was asked at the hospital was whether or not her daughter was wearing a helmet. She had a broken arm but without the helmet, it would have been much worse. Aimee chose to make it her mission to save other children from harm and potential brain trauma in bike accidents. 


ICW has seen many female inventors and they all have one thing in common: their passion and fire for inventing are fueled by their desire to improve life for their families and their world. Our mission at ICW is to help more ambitious females bring their innovations to market and see the value in intellectual property as the greatest asset to their business. 

By Katie Kupstas