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Teaching at a University

entrepreneurship innovation intellectual property product development students technology university Nov 30, 2022
teaching at a university

I had the privilege to teach at Millersville University, about an hour outside Philadelphia near Lancaster County, PA. The class was entrepreneurship and product development; it took place over a weekend.

12 hours a day for 4 days in a row.

It was intense and it was supposed to be because let's face it, entrepreneurship is intense. 

The long periods of time together allowed the students to brain storm, get to know one another and learn about each other's strengths. This is exactly what you want when forming a company. If everyone can bring different talents then your company will be better for it. 

I arrived on day 3 once each group had decided on a product to create. I was beyond impressed with each group. 4 groups had apps and one had a physical product. I won't go into their ideas to protect their intellectual property. 

My biggest takeaways from the weekend were that the students were quickly able to see the strengths in their group mates and assign each other jobs based upon their skill sets to ensure everything would be done to the best of their abilities. They worked together to create products that would make a difference for their environment and the world around them. 

I am very excited to see if they decide to move forward with their ideas in the future!