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That Time I Shared the Stage with Powerhouse Women

entrepreneurship innovation innovators intellectual property technology Oct 03, 2023

In September, I had the incredible opportunity to be part of a panel discussion alongside notable figures in the field of innovation. Unfortunately, Director Vidal of the USPTO was unable to attend at the last minute, and we were fortunate to have Hope Shimabuku, the Regional Director of the Texas USPTO, represent her.

It was an honor to share the stage with Director Shimabuku, Deanna Meador, the Deputy Director of the Wondr'y, Vanderbilt's Innovation Center, and Dr. Erika Dillard, a remarkable neurologist, and the founder of Pop Check Technologies—a tech company that has pioneered a wearable device to detect post-surgery blood clots.

Deanna Meador also shared her entrepreneurial journey, notably founding Couture Technologies. Her story of raising $1.5 million in capital in just 8 hours on International Women's Day was nothing short of inspiring.

The panel discussion was a platform to emphasize the significance of building a robust intellectual property portfolio from the outset. Being in the company of such accomplished female founders was truly motivating, and it reinforced the importance of supporting and empowering women in the world of entrepreneurship.

To cap it off, the statistics tell a critical story—only 13% of women are US patent holders. We're determined to change that narrative, striving to ensure that women-led businesses achieve long-term success by empowering them to navigate the intellectual property landscape effectively.

Pictured from left to right,  Hope Shimabuku, Dr. Erika Dillard, Deanna Meador and me, Katie Kupstas.