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The Authentic Experience: An Alternative to Sales Pitches

entrepreneurship innovation innovators inventors pitch success technology Nov 21, 2023


In a world filled with traditional sales pitches, the pursuit of authenticity has become a beacon of change in the business landscape. As we embrace the authentic experience and transform the way we engage with customers, fostering genuine connections and building lasting relationships. As we all move away from sales pitches and towards a more meaningful approach to business interactions we will connect on a more personal level ultimately cultivating brand loyalty in the long run.

Consider a pitch team! It will always be better to have more than one individual pitching your product. Find someone that has great chemistry with you and understands the product to bring a different perspective that can also articulate the problem it solves in a clear in concise manner.  Harvard Business Review agrees that a team is important when pitching, as mentioned in this article, What Makes a Great Pitch. Be sure to focus on the problem and showcase how your product offers the solution.

Know your audience and who you are pitching. It matters! If possible, do your research on those you are pitching to find connections with them.

Create a log line.

A log line in a pitch is a concise and compelling one-sentence summary that includes the essence of a product, idea, or project. It aims to quickly convey the key elements, value proposition, or uniqueness of the subject in a way that captures the audience's attention and communicates the core message effectively. The goal is to provide a clear and memorable snapshot that is easily understood.

Practice your pitch in a mirror, in the car, at least once a day! Connect with your audience authentically, be clear and concise and you will be on your way to success. Don't give up after the first failure. Keep going and don't be afraid to collect a lot of no's to get to a few yes's!