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The Frustrated Inventor

Nov 10, 2022

Inventors and founders can’t find trusted outlets or communities to lean on and learn from in the inventor space. The companies that do exist for inventors do not have the best interests of the inventor in mind. Inventors have spent thousands of dollars on ‘inventor services' that have led to nowhere but massive amounts of debt and frustration.

Jennifer reached out to us because earlier that week she had been researching how to bring a product to market and she came across an invent company online. She called them and they told her they loved her idea and wanted her to submit it so they could get the process started. She was thrilled! They had only just learned about her idea and already they wanted to help her get a prototype, patent, and then license it. The invent company asked her for $20,000 upfront. She was so excited about everything they had told her she happily paid them the money. A few days later she started to feel a little uneasy about the transaction because she read the paperwork and it did not sound like the company would be acting completely in her favor. In fact, it sounded like they would be taking nearly all the royalties if the product did eventually sell in the marketplace.  At this point, Jennifer contacted us and asked us if we could help her get her money back. Unfortunately, the only option we had for her was to call her credit card company and tell them that she did not approve of the charge. 

ICW is a safe space for inventors and founders to lean on throughout the startup journey without the worry of giving up royalties. The ICW team leads with integrity and honesty with the highest quality and most up-to-date information on intellectual property and the startup process.