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This One Thing Could Change Your Life

entrepreneurship innovation innovators inventors plan startups Dec 14, 2022

What's the secret to achieving your goals while saving money, time and more money since time = money?

Preparing for success.

18.4% of companies fail within the first year.

A statistic I found interesting and one I have seen first hand is this..companies that spend time planning future projects to anticipate any obstacles that will undoubtedly occur have a 30% higher success rate than those that do not.

Planning reduces the amount of risk involved and will make the intentions flow more seamlessly than they would without a strategic plan. 

What if you were able to handle future problems in a way that prepares for them ahead of time, reduces the stress and creates peace of mind?

Research shows you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals when you write them down. 

 What if I told you that writing your goals and creating a strategic plan promotes positivity, boosts productivity and ultimately gives you a better quality of life as a business owner and a higher quality product overall? 

Does a more rapid path to success sound good to you?

I want for you what I helped Kelly create.

ICW member and inventor Kelly and I formulated a strategic plan for her product that included a goal for each step of the innovator's journey and the potential funding she would need in order to complete each one. Fast forward to now and she has a clear path so when hurdles arise she is able to manage them efficiently and effectively.