Education is the Foundation of Success.

Every day I learn something new about the evolving dynamics of starting a business. I would be doing a disservice to the inventor community if I didn’t share all the latest information available. Sharing knowledge is an invaluable asset to a startup & the right information ultimately saves you thousands of dollars.


For Women

My mission is to help ambitious female inventors bring their innovations to the market.

By Women

I understand that you wear many hats in your life, so allow us to help carry the load.

Prosperity for All

Female entrepreneurs are critical for increasing social and economic equity.


I'm Katie Kupstas.

As the founder and CEO of Inventors Club For Women, I am passionate about making women see the power within themselves as inventors and eventual CEOs of their startups.  

I believe knowledge is power & my goal is to ensure members have a better understanding of their options throughout the process of intellectual property, legal, licensing, and public relations. 

I am a former educator with experience in sales, PR, nonprofits, international tech startups, and companies in the fashion industry such as YSL & Ralph Lauren. My diverse background brings a multitude of experience and empathy to the table that is necessary to successfully work through the process of getting a product to market.

"The ICW team operates with integrity to ensure the inventor is doing what's best to move forward successfully."

- Julieta Recometa

"ICW has been such a valuable resource in navigating all the steps it takes to bring an invention to market. I only wish I found them sooner!"

- Daria Walsh

"I've learned more in ICW in the last year, than in my total 10 years of inventing."

- David Svengalis

Why Prioritize Education?

Education does not necessarily mean a formal university education. I mean this in the sense that you are always learning and trying to educate yourself on that which is most important to you. As an inventor, founder & CEO, you will need to know the many aspects of the startup process - from marketing, intellectual property, and manufacturing, to eventually taking the product to market with potential licensing. 

Learning a bit about each step will allow you to take control of your business as the CEO you are meant to be. We know that in order to be successful every founder must assemble a team of professionals for their startup who are skilled in various facets of the business. Having background knowledge of each process will give you a better understanding and ultimately a better outcome. No one can build a company alone because it requires a team of skilled individuals that are aligned with the same core values to be successful.

The Inventor's Journey

We understand that all inventors who come to ICW are on their own unique journey. We provide assistance and direction to further their efforts and line them up for a successful road ahead. 

The Call to Innovate

The inventor starts off in a mundane situation of normality when they are struck with an idea. This begins their journey into the unfamiliar process of turning their idea into a successful business.

Paving Your Own Path

At this point, the inventor crosses into the field of adventure, seeking a path that will prove fruitful on their journey. The path they choose proves their willingness to the mission.

Failure to Achieve Goal

An Inventor's path is lined with tests and ordeals in order for them to undergo transformation. They may come across entities and temptations that lead the inventor to stray from their quest.

Learning from Mistakes

This is the point of realization in which a greater understanding is achieved, often with the help of a guide. New knowledge is retained and applied to their business plan.

Returning Victorious

Having mastered new wisdom and sharing it with the rest of the world, the Inventor becomes free from the fear of predatory entities and the challenges of running a business.